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Java Network FAQ

Java Network is a YouTube Network (also known as a multi-channel network or MCN) is a grouping of independent YouTube channels that have organized in order to more effectively create, monetize, and promote content on video platforms such as YouTube.

It’s simple: power in numbers. We leverage multiple channels to help each individual channel owner drive viewer engagement, channel revenue, and build a bigger audience on YouTube.

No. You retain 100% ownership and creative control over your channel and videos. Java Network simply helps you make the most of your content.

Sent email to with subject "Sign Up" or go to and click the send form button. We’ll need some information about you, your YouTube channel, your hopes and dreams – and we’ll get back to you with details.

Yes you can leave our network. After terminating our partnership the old YouTube partner state will be restored. With termination of your partnership with Java Network all licenses will return back to you.

We have the fastest payment system. We never hold your money. As soon as we receive your earnings from youtube or other patforms, and once your account reaches the payment threshold of $1, we will pay you instantly via paypal or bank transfer worldwide at no additional cost.

Music FAQ

Yes, Java Network can send your music to all digital downloads and digital streaming worldwide such as iTunes, Spotify, Vevo, Deezer, Google Play and more for free.

You can leave the UPC and ISRC fields. We will provide UPC and ISRC to you for free.

Yes, but you must have the necessary rights to monetize assets from all aspects such as music compositions and others. You can ask us more at


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